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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day Tribute by Steve and Cindy Staley

IS2 SW Staley, Petty Officer Second Class (E5)

After graduating from Great Lakes Naval Training Station in Chicago, IL in 2005, he spent five years stationed in Norfolk, VA. During this time, he served on the USS San Antonio (LPD 17), attended school at the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center, and served upon the USS McFaul (DDG 74), and the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). He served on 2 deployments for Operation Enduring Freedom, and participated in counter-piracy operations and the Horn of Africa. He was honorably discharged in August of 2010 and began his career as a full-time student at Marietta College with the help of the VA (GI Bill). 

As a family, we are extremely grateful for all veterans and their service to our country! We just want to say Thank You!

Steve & Cindy Staley

Veterans Day Tribute by Allison D.

 Allison wanted to share the following about a very special Veteran in her life:

David Crossan. His is a Master Chief in the Navy. He entered in March 1989 and is still currently serving. He attended Naval Aircrewman Candidate School, Aviation Rescue Swimmer School, Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) school, Instructor Training, and Recruiter Training. He has been stationed in Mayport, Florida, Atsugi, Japan, Navy Recruiting District Ohio, and San Diego, California. He has served on USS Boone, USS John Hancock, USS Hue City, USS Anzio, USS Halyburton, USS Normandy, USS Hawes, USS Vandergrift, USS Blue Ridge, USS Leyte Gulf, and he also served with the first responders to the bombing of the USS Cole. Awards include: Navy Commendation Medal (1 gold star), Navy Achievement Medal (1 silver star), Enlisted Leadership Award Winner, and numerous other campaign and service awards.

Veterans Day Tribute by Missy P.

 My fathers name is Danny and he served in Iraq from March 2003 through April 2004 with the 1092nd Engineer Battalion out of Parkersburg, WV.  Although this was a very sad time for our family, we are also so proud of him and I am very honored to be able to call him “my dad!”  The sacrifice that veterans, as well as their families, make are numberless and they all hold a very special place in my heart.  I thank you today and every day for the remarkable service and sacrifice that each have given to our amazing country!  Happy veterans Day!

Veterans Day Tribute By Vincent and Joyce Pryor

Vincent gives us a brief overview of his time in service: 

Rank: Lance Corporal
MOS: 0351,  (Infantry) Anti-tank Assault/Demolitions Stationed for a year in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as part of Rifle Security Company/Leeward where we guarded the fence line of the U.S. Naval Base. While there, I was one of four Marines selected to receive Secret security clearance to work in the Combat Operations Center. 
After Guantanamo Bay, I went to Camp LeJeune, N.C. and was stationed with 2nd Marine Division 3rd Battalion 8th Marines. While with 3/8, I was deployed to cold weather training in the mountains of California. After that we did a deployment to Okinawa and mainland Japan for jungle warfare training

 Joyce wanted to share the following about her husband:

I am just so proud of him and he means so much to me.  It’s just an honor for me knowing that my husband served his country in the United States Marine Corps. Those were some of the best years of his life. Being a veteran, a Marine, means a great deal to him & to his family. He is so proud to be a Marine.  He always tell me ”Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

Veterans Day Tribute by Michelle Johnson

I am a proud granddaughter of a Korean War Veteran. My grandfather, Jesse, served in Germany in the Army during Korean War in the early 1950s.  I am the proud sister-in-law of a veteran of the War on Terror.  My husband’s brother, Sean, was just recently honorably discharged from the Armed Services after serving the past several years in places such as Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East, in addition to different areas of the United States.  My husband’s step-brother, T.J., also served for several years in the War on Terror in many different parts of the Middle East and the United States.  He has since been honorably discharged as well.  My cousin, Scottie, did several tours of duty in the Middle East during the War on Terror and also recently was honorably discharged from the Army.  They are all shining examples of service to our country.  Many other friends and family members have served in various wars and conflicts for different branches of our Armed Services and I am truly proud of each and every one of them.

Of each story that I have been shared from the different veterans in my life throughout the years, the one that sticks with me the most comes from my husband’s uncle, Junior.  He served during World War II in Germany and the surrounding areas.  It took him several years to share any stories at all with his family.  He recalled an event during the winter with deep snow on the ground as he fought against the Nazis.  As he and his troops heard Hitler’s men coming in the far off distance, they were forced to find a way to survive.  He and his troops buried themselves deep in the snow and awaited the opposing forces to walk over top of them.  Had Junior (or any of the other men) moved wrong, breathed wrong or anything of the like, it would have sealed their fate and they would not have survived to share the story.  Can you imagine lying beneath the snow knowing one wrong move could end your life?  I cannot fathom the thought. I am certain there were many, many more important and moving stories like this one that he could have shared as well.  Sadly, Junior passed away last month.  At his funeral, he was surrounded by various medals, an entire case full in fact, that were recently found and restored.  He was given full military honors at his graveside service.  He never wanted to be honored, but I can’t think of a man more deserving to be honored today – Veteran’s Day.

I am thankful to God that none of my loved ones who’ve served in the wars I’ve mentioned above lost their lives in doing so.  In honoring them, my words are also meant to honor each and every veteran today – those who’ve given our lives for our country, those who’ve served and are due our respect, and those who continue to serve and protect our country and our great freedoms.  Freedom isn’t free – and I’m certainly thankful to each of our veterans who’ve paid the price for the rest of us to live in a free country.  Your service is invaluable and we thank you today and every day.  May God bless you.  Happy Veteran’s Day!  May we never forget.

Veterans Day Tribute by Jon Corra

To say that I am honored that the Veteran pictured here is my Best Friend would be an understatement. Jeremy McDonald is so much more than a friend, that the term does do him justice. He epitomizes honor to the highest degree, and embodies everything we think a soldier should be; a natural leader, a respectful man, and someone who exudes heroic qualities.

Jeremy has taught me so much about being a good person, and he has redefined what friendship means. While I never served with him, his fellow soldiers were lucky to be in his presence. I may never have to go into battle, but if I did, I would want him fighting with me.
All I can say to him is thank you…thank you for your time in service, and thank you for allowing me to say I am your friend.

-Jon Corra